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To all GRAIN Locations –

  • It was discovered that the 1099PATR forms that were mailed out in the last few days had an incorrect amount in Box 3  for Per-Unit Retain Allocations.
  • The net check settlement amount was placed in Box 3 instead of the required gross amount.
  • The statements that were mailed separately, however, are correct and do have the correct amount listed for the Box 3 total.
  • In the example below, you can see the Box 3 amount should have been $116,346.61 and is correct on the statement that was sent to the patron.   In contrast, the 1099PATR form has the incorrect amount —   the payment amount $115, 462.47 was used in error.


Example Statement (Correct):

Example 1099PATR Box 3 (Incorrect):


What Happens Next:  Corrected 1099PATR forms for Box 3 will be mailed out as soon as possible.


Keep in Mind:  This error only impacts the 1099PATR Box 3 forms for Country Operations.   This error does not impact the other 1099PATR forms for Box 1 and Box 6 that your patrons have received.  In addition, the 1099PATR Box 3 forms issued by CHS Grain Marketing are correct as stated.   The only forms that will be corrected are the 1099PATR Box 3 forms for Country Operations.


Thanks for your cooperation as we deal with this unfortunate situation.

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