Farm insurance program and dividend designed just for you

Nationwide® is offering a farm insurance program exclusively for CHS members and CHS Farmers Alliance Producer-Owners.

If you enroll in the program, you’ll get tailored insurance protection that includes:
– Enrollment in a dividend plan*, helping to put money back in your pocket
– CHS member endorsement, giving you coverages above and beyond the base policy, at no cost
– CHS branded version of Nationwide’s most preferred endorsement, AgriChoice® Elite

Nationwide offers a package of policies designed for farms, ranches and agriculture-based operations with commercial exposures, as well as residences located on premises. Their farm & ranch policy, AgriChoice, provides dwelling, property and liability coverage, plus options for your specific needs. That way, you pay for the protection you need, not the coverages you don’t.

To learn more about CHS and Nationwide working together, visit

*Dividend not available in MO. ND dividend calculations based upon five years of loss data. Dividend not guaranteed.

Dividend FAQ

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