Beautiful farm at sunset

Producer board

Don Wenande

Alexandria location

Don farms 3.5 miles south of Alexandria. He grows corn, beans, alfalfa and grass hay. He also runs a cow/calf operation and sells feeder cattle. Don joined the Farmers Union Co-op board in Alexandria in 1986. He then joined the Cenex board in Mitchell and continued to serve after the merger when they became CHS Farmers Alliance. He currently serves as the chairman.

Lyndon Hofer

Bridgewater location

Lyndon farms 6 miles south of Bridgewater. Just after graduation from SDSU in 1976 he started farming. Today he farms 500 acres of corn and 500 acres of soybeans with his wife, Barbie. They had a cow/calf operation up until 2014. Lyndon joined the Bridgewater Coop board in 2001 and continued to be on the board after the merge with CHS Farmers Alliance in 2009 as well.

Tim Pazour

Chamberlain location

Tim farms with his wife, Karla, their 2 sons, Jim and Joel, and Tim’s brother, Mark. They have a diversified grain and cattle operation. They raise corn, wheat, and soybeans, and also have a cow/calf operation with 5000 head feedlot. Tim served on the Brule Co. Coop board and CHS Farmers Alliance board.

Brian Vilhauer

Corsica location

Brian is from Mitchell, South Dakota, and after obtaining a Bachelor of Science in civil engineering from South Dakota State University and a Master of Science from the University of Kansas, he returned to his roots. Now farming with his father-in-law northeast of Corsica, South Dakota, they grow corn, soybeans, oats, and alfalfa. Brian also manages a wean-to-finish hog operation and tends to a cow-calf herd. He shares the joys of farm life with his wife Megan and their four children — Evelyn, Otto, Pearl, and Gus.

Derek Mueller

Ethan location

Derek farms 3 miles northwest of Ethan with his dad, Delmar, and his brother, Jay. They raise corn, soybeans, winter wheat, and alfalfa. They also have a beef cow/calf operation and a wean-to-finish hog operation. Derek joined the CHS Farmers Alliance board in 2010.

John Millan

Mitchell location

John and his wife, Amanda, live on the family farm 5 miles southwest of Mitchell. He started farming in a partnership with his parents, Brock and Carol, after graduating from SDSU in 2005. They run a cash grain operation producing corn, beans, and wheat along with alfalfa and a cow/calf operation. He joined the board in 2011.

Kelly Hohn

Storla location

Kelly farms about 9 miles northwest of Storla with his wife, Kristie, and their 2 sons, Nathan and Erick. They raise corn, beans, wheat, and have a cow/calf operation. Kelly joined the board in 2011.

Duane Beckman

White Lake location

Duane farms southeast of White Lake on about 800 acres. He raises corn, beans, oats, alfalfa and run about 160 cow/calf operation. He joined the Cenex board in 1999 then joined the CHS Farmers Alliance board in 2009.

Ivan Bialas Jr.

At large position

Ivan farms south of Mt. Vernon. He raises corn, soybeans, winter wheat and alfalfa alongside a cow/calf and finishing operation. He is a graduate of Mitchell Technical Institute in ag marketing and management. He worked for Mueller Lumber in Mitchell before coming back to farm with his father in 1979. He farmed with his father for 15 years and now farms with his son. He joined the board of Farmers Co-op Association in 1994 before joining the CHS Farmers Alliance board. He is currently serving as secretary of the board.

Mark Schaffer

Freeman location

Mark and his wife, Trudi, live on their acreage near Menno. He started farming with his father after graduating high school in 1974. He lived on his family farm near Olivet for nearly 40 years. Mark’s son now lives on the family farm, and they have been farming together for the last 15 years. Their operation produces corn and soybeans, as well as a 2,400 head hog finishing facility.