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Thu, 21st
High: 77F
Low: 61F
Precip: 44%

Fri, 22nd
High: 78F
Low: 57F
Precip: 0%

Sat, 23rd
High: 75F
Low: 60F
Precip: 69%

Sun, 24th
High: 78F
Low: 60F
Precip: 69%

Mon, 25th
High: 77F
Low: 62F
Precip: 64%




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Did you know the largest portion of #nitrogen is taken up by #corn during eighth leaf to VT, tasseling stage? Ensure your corn has the nitrogen it needs by appling a sidedress application. Contact your CHS Farmers Alliance Agronomist today to learn more.

BIG shout out to @CHS_Brandon1, CHS Nutrition (Sioux Falls & Corson), CHS Watertown, & @CHSFA_Mitchell for their support of Feeding South Dakota. They presented us with a check for over $27,000. Helping us feed over 81,000 people. We appreciate your partnership! #EliminateHunger.

To all the dads and father figures who show us what hard work, love of the land and family #farming means; Happy Father’s Day from all of us at CHS Farmers Alliance! #HappyFathersDay

These #Allegiantseed 24X14's are off to a pretty good start. Pre's seem to be holding strong #CleanFields @CHSFA_Mitchell

I made one of my most enjoyable mini bulk deliveries today south of Alexandria. There was a nice little surprise waiting for me on the forklift when I got there. Free rhubarb pie! At @CHSFA_Mitchell we appreciate our customers as much as the customer appreciates us! @CHSInterns


Beautiful day to be out tissue sampling and scouting fields for @CHSFA_Mitchell! Tissue sampling is key in identifying possible nutrient deficiencies. @CHSInterns @SDStateCAFES #MyCHSInternExperience #HelpingOurOwnersGrow


CHS #Unlocked doing it's thing with #AllegiantSeed 10357. Better growth above and below ground. #UnlockYourYield

Your #alfalfa needs uniform nutrient distribution. Aspire ensures your crops receive the right amount of K and B in every granule. https://t.co/snmfNd7uHn

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